Dying Qiviut

Beautiful yarns should be dyed beautiful colors.

The natural color of qiviut varies from a silky grey to a flatter camel color.  When dying an already dark fiber like qiviut the results are wonderful earth tones, deeper shades of color.  No bright yellows here!  Blending qiviut with silk or a fine wool will result in brighter jewel tones.

I learned to dye qiviut from an experienced fiber artist.  Over 20 years a method to dye qiviut was developed giving us consistent results.  The dyes that I use are colorfast, permanent and of a professional qualtiy.

One of the things I do to exhaust the dye in a dye pot after the qiviut has absorbed as much as its going to, is to add something made out of a qiviut/silk/wool blend.  The colors of the blended item are never the same.  Sometimes they are a pretty pastel and other times bright and vibrant.  Ill post some pictures so you can see an example.

Here are a couple of examples of the above method.  The first picture shows the natural color along with a 100%Q item and a qiviut blend.  The blend is a much brighter shade of raspberry.  The next shows half mitts made of the qiviut blend and dyed with the above method.


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